Ray Cashman

Gumbo Troubadour

 Some folks play the blues while some write about it and present it as their own because it is. Ray Cashman is the latter. This guy is the real deal. His songs are on the radio around the world and his European show date list alone would be the envy of anybody looking to expand internationally. Yet the man who had moved away to Austin and then on to Nashville returned to his roots in Southeastern Texas. The music down his way is referred to as gulf coast gumbo as it is made up of multiple regional influences both current and from the past. Cashman has had his music featured in NBC sitcom " Council Of Dads" and the  movie " The Good House" starring Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline. Cashman's  2007 release Texassippi Stomp which featured Jimbo Mathus,(Squirrel Nut Zippers, Buddy Guy) was widely praised and placed on a number of critics year end best of lists for blues recordings.  Cashman has toured England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and the USA from the Gulf Coast to Canada and sea to shining sea. Cashman has performed at such notable festivals as SXSW- TX, Swing Wespelaar- BE, Drijf in Blues festival- NL, King Biscuit Blues Festival - AR, Le Blues Autour Du Zinc- FR, Juke Joint Festival-MS, Lucca Blues Festival- IT, Deep Blues festival-MS. Cashman has released 9 full studio albums with the latest being 2023's highly praised "Delta Sound". After living for over 20 years in music cities such as Austin and Nashville, Cashman resides in the Sam Houston National Forest just outside of Montgomery, TX.


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Press / Reviews

Blues Blast Magazine

“  Houston Electric is very much a blues-rock album rather than pure blues, but it is played with such technical facility, muscular confidence and unabashed joy that it is very hard not to enjoy it. And if your tastes lean towards the heavier side of blues-rock spectrum, you will definitely want to check it out. A rather impressive release. ” - Rhys Williams

— Blues Blast Magazine

Blues Matters 

 gumbo troubadour' Cashman’s mastery of the Southern Cajun and blues styles are highlighted on his sixth album Slow Drag. Released on Knick Knack records.  There are some finely crafted songs on this album with enough variation in style and tempo to keep it fresh interesting and enjoyable.  ” - Allen

— Blues Matters


Ray Cashman approach is completely unpretentious, original and creative. He performs mostly his  original songs, mixing gritty Tom Waite like vocals over the top of raw North Mississippi style rhythms and slide guitar. He is not a white boy interpreting blues, he is completely himself, no schtick. Cool and funky"

Houston Blues Society



No Country Nashville 

 Ray CashmanAcme Feed & Seed; Nashville, TNSeptember 29, 2015 Words by Jacob Ryan (@GonzoWithGusto). Photos by Mick Leonardy . Ray Cashman Mixing up our weekly showcase a bit, I was stoked to see a real-life bluesman doing his thing in front of a good sized dinner crowd. Ray Cashman hails from Conroe, TX, outside Houston, and he has all the dirt and grit to him that you would expect form a Texas blues picker. His hands reminded me of bear paws, as he delicately picked out the notes on his weathered guitar, his rich and crackling voice barking out the lyrics. He had a resonator guitar player accompanying him, whom played with a slide skillfully. There was also an up-right electric bassist, something you definitely don’t see everyday. Together they all bellowed out the the deep blues. My favorite original track, “Feel No Pain,” came early in the set, and a Townes Van Zandt cover later gave me chills. All in all, he was a breath of fresh air and a resident blues practitioner you should get in your life ASAP. ” - Jacob Ryan

— No Country

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